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Daily Report Entry Pro2

4.4 ( 144 ratings )
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3.99 USD

"Daily Report Entry Pro 2" is an application for those who turn in daily reports and photos at work. (This is an enhanced version of "Daily Report Entry", which has already been sold, dedicated for iPad.) You can make a daily report by selecting a destination and touching "Start" button when you start working and "Finish" button when you finish. You can manage daily reports easily by entering detailed information and add photos to your reports because this app has photo-shoot function.

(How to Use)

You simply select a destination and touch "Start" or "Finish" button. It is very easy to check daily reports later since the data is organized by destination and date. Also photos taken can be checked in album form and attached in an email or posted up in the Cloud.


- Simple format with only "Destination", "Start / Finish", "Work", and "Photo (up to 3)".
- You can check daily reports sorted by destination when you take a look at "List (Destination)".
- You can check daily reports sorted by date when you take a look at "List (Date)".
- You can check photos taken in album form by date when you take a look at “Photo”.
- Saved daily reports can be sent to the Cloud such as EverNote and DropBox or e-mail addresses in CSV format.
- It can work with other applications such as a map app because this obtains GPS information when starting and closing down.
- You can delete accumulated daily report data by touching "Clear Data" button.


- Please contact us if you have any questions, problems, and requests on this application.